iOS Question Single tap on view with Voiceover on.

John Sturt

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The subject line says it all i know there is a way
of doing this as garageband and other such apps allow a single tap
to be detected on a view.

A test example of how this does not work is
setup a panel and try to get a touch event to fire while
voiceover is turned on.

Anyone Any ideas?
Many thanks

John Sturt

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I know the forum said start a new thread but this is a continuation of the same problem.

I have implemented Gesture Recognizer into a project and it only works with Voice over turned off.
Disabling Voiceover for a view does just that and does not allow the Swipe to be detected.

This is something i would like to be able to do as it would allow voiceover users to navigate interfaces with
greater ease and more akin to the non voiceover users.

Any ideas
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