SithasoDaisy TailwindCSS Webapps with B4x - January 2023 Competition


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Hi there

Stand a chance to win a copy of SithasoDaisy for yourself.

Each month of the year we will run this competition to give a b4x user a chance to win a copy of SithasoDaisy.

We will run a wheel with the number of your post and your name.

Terms and conditions

1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.
2. Follow me on Twitter.
3. Create a post on this thread with the words 'SithasoDaisy powered by b4x'

The competition closes on Friday, 10 March 2023.

All the best.
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SithasoDaisy powered by b4x is a very promising component tool set for creating websites, webApps, single page applications and progressive web apps. And it's getting better everyday as its creator works on it... thank you Mashiane.
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SithasoDaisy's latest web app was built using the powerful development tools of B4X, making it a cutting-edge product that truly lives up to the phrase "SithasoDaisy powered by b4x".