Android Question Skip if damage picture ?

Irwan Putra

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Hello All,
I'm making an application with B4A

I will add images from the gallery (if 10 images, for example no. 1 to 10) into customlistview -> with the For Next function, I use the Mediabrowser library.
but picture number 6 is damaged / damage.
When Figure 1-5 is successfully inserted into customlistview, and when picture 6 fails.
1. How to skip picture no. 6 and continue to figure 7-10?
2. How to find out the file / image is broken? what functions do you use?

Thank you very much

Irwan Putra

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 'load the bitmap
 'failed to load the bitmap
End Try
Thank Erel.
yes, I have used that syntax. but the process stops in figure 6, it can't continue. So that figure 6-10 cannot be displayed.
Any solution?

Thank again.
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