Java Question SLC & Java 7?

Discussion in 'Libraries developers questions' started by tchart, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. tchart

    tchart Active Member Licensed User

    So Im trying to build a library using SLC.

    Im getting a number of errors that seem to relate to the Java version. Even though it clearly using javac 1.7.0_45 why does it say "source 1.5"?

    One of the errors is below;

    Simple Library Compiler
    Starting step: Compiling Java code.
    javac 1.7.0_45
    E:\Dropbox\My Apps\Java\MD\src\com\afollestad\materialdialogs\MaterialDialog.jav
    a:869: error: strings in switch are not supported in -source 1.5
    switch (tag) {
    (use -source 7 or higher to enable strings in switch)
  2. thedesolatesoul

    thedesolatesoul Expert Licensed User

    a. Try the latest version of SLC
    b. If you want a beta of a similar library as the one you are compiling send me a PM
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  3. tchart

    tchart Active Member Licensed User

    thedesolatesoul, thanks updating SLC did the trick. Didn't realise a later copy was available.
  4. thedesolatesoul

    thedesolatesoul Expert Licensed User

    It was just done a couple of days ago.
  5. MarcoRome

    MarcoRome Expert Licensed User

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