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Hi all,

i am trying to wrap a sdk. They have instructions for ecilipse but i do not familiar with ecilipse. I am trying to wrap it with SLC.

So here is instructions say : add xxxxx project as lib into your workspace.

How can i made file structure compile it with slc.

The sdk instructions are :

Import SDK files into project
Import lib/ folder into your project lib/ folder.

Add Google Play Services Light
Import google-play-services_light-lib/ project into your workspace and link it as a library project.

Add RecyclerView v7 support lib
Import recyclerview/ project into your workspace and link it as a library project.

the google-play-services_light-lib and recyclerview folders are seems complete project folders.

I attach an image bellow.



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I'm not familiar with Google Play Services Light. It sounds like a library that they built out of the full Google Play Services. This is something that is not required if you reference Google Play Services correctly.

Wrapping such libraries does require some knowledge. This post explains how you can use B4A IDE to create a Jar with all the referenced maven resources: