Share My Creation Slider Puzzles

Here are a few variations of the classic slider puzzle. Each includes two types of puzzle games. There is the traditional slider puzzle where you begin with a set grid and slide the blocks around an empty block to come up with the desired result. Also, I include a 'full' slider puzzle where the rows and columns slide freely:

Custom Slider Puzzle:
Includes a set number of images to choose from in additon to the option of selecting your own image from your galary:

small1.jpg small2.jpg small3.jpg

Kids Slider Puzzle:
A simpler and scaled down version with kid friendly images:

kidsSmall1.jpg kidsSmall2.jpg kidsSmall3.jpg

Slider Block:
My first attempt at a level based game where you have to finish the level before moving on to the next level. You are given a set pattern to solve. Choose from 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 grids.
This one includes 144 levels (36 for each grid size) and 6 different themes:

block1.jpg block2.jpg block3.jpg


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A sliding puzzle like that was actually the first try out app I made in B4A. (never put it on the store tho)

All I needed was the core library.


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didn't really check out the sources yet besides a quick text view to peek at the used libraries. (no gdx which is good for those who are learning about basic gaming)

thanks for sharing.


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For these types of games I don't think gdx is really necessary.
There is no collision detection or complex physics going on.
On their most basic level they are no more than simple tapping and touch games.
I am using AcceleratedSurface for graphics and animations.