iOS Question Slow ActionSheet loading (25 seconds)


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It has been over a year since I used this program so I don't recall if it has always been this slow.

I have an actionsheet where the user selects an item. There are 329 items in the list. The user clicks on a button to bring up the actionsheet with this code.
Sub btnMsg_Click
End Sub
After I press the button it takes 25 seconds before the actionsheet appears. This only happens the first time the button is pressed. On subsequent presses the actionsheet comes up immediately.

Also, scrolling on the action sheet is very slow and jerky. I don't recall it being this way back when I first coded it but that is almost two years ago. I am testing on a iPhone SE.

Any suggestions on getting it to load faster the first time or suggestions for a better way to implement a selection list with 329 items in it?

Thanks for any help.