Smartphones - what is the status?



I'm about to start on an application for my own use. I don't know if I will use WM5-6 or Smartphone.

So, I wanted to know what is the status of the smartphone support. Is it supported? If yes, is everything supported? If not, what is there to expect?

Please let me know.



They are not supported at all (ie different API) or they are not supported for other reasons (for example it's harder to develop on smartphones?)

It looks easier to input data on a smartphone rather than a touch screen device.

Do you recommend any other method of developing for smartphone?

I would prefer your lang though...


We plan to add support for Smartphones. But it will take a while.
Smartphones (windows mobile) support .Net CF so it is not that different than other mobile devices.

I am puzzled now... You don't support it but your language supports it if I develop another way?

Or I cannot develop at all because it's just all different?

I mean, are you talking about the editor changes you need to make? If I take a "hello world" app with b4ppc and install it to a smartphone, will it work as it is now?

Sorry, but my experience with smartphone is minimum, but smartphones are cheaper and much easier to add data from the keyboard...


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Thik of it this way..In a ppc the input is mainly made by the touch-screen, in a smartfone is by u CAN use b4ppc in either one, just have to jugle a bit with the hardware keys catch...


Sorry, this a Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition, not a smartphone.
Major difference: smartphones don't have a touchscreen.

Damn it, I am even more confused now :(

What OS do smartphones run?

The one I posted does not have a touch screen but it uses WM5.0. See here:

Is this a smartphone or not? Will Basic4PPC work on it? Cause I don't have one, I will buy one though if it works.

For what I understand so far it will work nicely (of course with key input, naturally).

Some please verify?


I'm sure Samsung SGH-i320 is a Smartphone. If you read carefully you will know:

"Review of Samsung SGH-i320
July 30, 2006 [MS Smartphone] | By Lutzh Haedrich.

We are happy to show you another Windows Mobile Smartphone device that is not made by HTC - the Samsung SGH-i320"

and B4P don't support it :)


You need to know that Windows Mobile 5.0 have some versions:
1. Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Premium Edition
2. Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition
3. Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone

And Windows Mobile 6.0 will be:
1. Windows Mobile 6 Professional (Pocket PC)
2. Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Smartphone)


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A formless app should have no problem running in an SmartPhone...unfortunatly,B4ppc suport for formless apps is very short...still usable....

I Think that a "simple" way to make B4PPC apps fully compatible with SmartPhones would be creating a dll that implemented full mapped keyboard integration...This way, since the keyboard is not alway a qwerty one, the developer could create keyboard maps to target specific devices....

There are only 2 or maybe 3 MUST Know keys in a SmartPhone:

The TAB for moving the focus, wich is the main reason why B4PPC is not 100% compatible with SmartPhones, and the ENTER key wich could also be used as a click event raiser....

As some user as posted here, he has an b4ppc app running in is Smartthing...