Beta [SOLVED] 5.8 : Variable name cannot be the same as sub name


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Just to report as it is the first time since over 3 years that I used that code and today I've got that warning in the Logs from beta 5.8 (of course I have corrected my error easily)

In a code module where I have something like this (very cleared for the demo)

Sub LoadContent
  Dim Content as Map
End Sub

Sub Destination as Boolean
Return File.ExternalReadable
End Sub

Sub ReadMap(Destination as Boolean, MapName as String) as Map
  Dim MyMap as Map
  If Destination then
  End if

  Return MyMap
End Sub
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When I did my first programming course, the first thing I learned was

1. Never use a reserved (command) name for a variable name OR subroutine name.
2. Using an event variable (as in Destination here) as variable is also a no go.

Maybe old fashioned and is not always required but I stick to it. I tend to use descriptive variable names e.g. RPiBluetoothConnection (as boolean) and mix upper and lower case.

But then again, Murphy does have a way of sneaking in sometimes. I can remember on my Sinclair Spectrum, I wrote a long basic program and used the function keys to save. Unfortunately pressing 2 together - careless! The result was the command save "load""" and bang, my program was deleted and the spectrum crashed. Everything gone!

Just my two pennies worth. :D:D


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Just my two pennies worth.
And you are absolutely right. It was an extracted example of a long code module where the two subs weren't at the same place (reason why I had used the same name for the sub and the variable). That said, it is great that the new version will be able to warn about such stupid mistakes :)