Android Question SOLVED - B4A 10.6 vs 10.7 - Problem? I'm not sure

Robert Valentino

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I have been killing myself trying to figure out what has changed that cause my icons in a webpage not to show.

The project included in this posts works perfectly with 10.6 but with 10.7 file not found.
I've tried every way I can think of to get the images to show.

Reason I thought this was a B4XPages was I had this code written in a normal B4A program and when converting to B4XPages it stopped working.

So there is something different between my B4A 10.6 and B4A 10.7 that is causing this?

WOW, I finally will be able to sleep tonight. I know I am long burnt out but this had me thinking I really went over the edge (thought it was time to up those meds)

Can someone / anyone point me in the right direction to get this to work under B4A 10.7

Attached screen shots of what it should (10.6) and does (10.7) look like

ALSO: I tried moving the htm to the files directory with all its stuff to from under the help directory. Still works fine (Project 2) in 10,6 but different result in 10.7 (images not found)

SORRY this post is so bad I am really fried.

ONE Last note - I AM SURE THIS IS MY Problem I just don't know what it is. (Well one of my problems - I know a lot of others)


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I apologize for posting something you didn't ask about, but I can't help but to think that considering the look of your privacy policy, bbcodeview would probably be fine. (I did that exact same switch in my app, to show the user agreement.)

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Robert Valentino

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Thanks Erel / Sandman; I think I will do both.
Sandman your suggestion for the consent page is perfect because as of that time I haven't done anything.
I am I will put all the help subdirectory into a help zip and unzip after I have consent and permissions.

Feeling a little more sane already.
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