Android Question [Solved] [B4XPages] addmenuitem dropdown


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Hi All,

I have an icon on menu bar added with the code below:
Dim mi As B4AMenuItem
    mi = B4XPages.AddMenuItem(Me,"Lang")
    mi.AddToBar = True
    mi.Bitmap = xui.LoadBitmapResize(File.DirAssets, "lang.png", 70dip, 70dip, True)
What I am after, is that when this icon is pressed, a drop down menu is opened so I can have number of selections.

I have tried to use droppy library

But I am not sure how to use it with an icon on menu, since droppy is expecting to receive Anchor as view.

So anyone can help directing me on how can I add the drop down to a menu icon?

I have researched the forum but couldn't find an answer or example for that.

Thank you for your help!


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Thank you so much DonManfred for ur help and the great Droppy library! :)

I was curious to know if I can have any dropdown on an icon, but now I understand thanks to you!

I will create a hidden button directly under my icon and trigger it from there then.

I appreciate ur help!