iOS Question [SOLVED by you know who] shouldAutorotate is deprecated - big problem


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In this post:

Erel shows a way to manage rotations.

I created a code snippet:

That used this to selectively allow rotation and a "form" of snapback.

This has been working well in my major iOS app - until now.

It is broken in iOS 17.3.1 and possibly earlier - I have tested this on both a neighbour's iPhone 11 running iOS 17.2.1 and on AWS Device Farm with an iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.3.1

When I google "UINavigationController shouldAutorotate" I find:

which says shouldAutorotate is deprecated and gives an alternate solution which is beyond my paygrade.

Can anyone come up with an alternate to the post from Erel I cite at the start of this post.

Thanks in anticipation...
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