iOS Question (Solved) ERROR RELISE - no erro debug ?????


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Hi, community;

several times I fight with this problem, when debugging all goes well, then when I create a final version ... bum Crask, app dies or gives me an error. Why, things like that happen, because dubug everything works out and debugging problems are outside you do not know and you can not monitor.

più volte mi scontro con questo problema, in fase di debug tutto fila liscio, quando poi creo una versione definitiva... bum crask, app muore o mi da in errore. Perchè, succede cose del genere, perchè dubug tutto funziona e fuori del debug vengono fuori i problemi che non sai e non puoi monitorare.

Sub bt_Click
    Dim bt As Button = Sender
    Dim ListParent As List = bt.Tag
'    valori del ListParent
'    index 0 = etichetta
'    index 1 = parent
'    index 2 = colroot value (record)
'    index 3 = id record


    Dim xp As Panel = ListParent.Get(1)
    If ListParent.Get(0) = "modifica" Then
        Dim a,b,c,d,e, query As String
        Dim colroot As Map = ListParent.Get(2)
        a = colroot.Get("0") ' descrizione
        a = a.Replace("'","'")
        b = colroot.Get("1") ' prezzo
        c = colroot.Get("2") ' visibile
        d = colroot.Get("4") ' info
        e = colroot.Get("5") ' id
        For i = 0 To xp.NumberOfViews-1
            If xp.GetView(i) Is TextField Then
                Dim tx1 As TextField = xp.GetView(i)
                If tx1.Tag = "descrizione" Then a = tx1.Text.Replace("'","\'").Replace("è","e\'").Replace("é","e\'").Replace("à","à\'").Replace("ù","u\'").Replace("ì","i\'")
                If tx1.Tag = "prezzo" Then b = tx1.Text
                If tx1.Tag = "info" Then d = tx1.Text.Replace("'","\'").Replace("è","e\'").Replace("é","e\'").Replace("à","à\'").Replace("ù","u\'").Replace("ì","i\'")
            End If
            If xp.GetView(i) Is Switch Then
                Dim sw1 As Switch = xp.GetView(i)
                c = sw1.Value
            End If
        query = "UPDATE `bar_db_prodotti` SET `descrizione`='" & a & "',`prezzo`='" & b & "',`visibile`='" & c & "',`info`='" & d & "' WHERE id='" & e &"';"
        query = "SELECT * FROM `bar_db_prodotti`"
        Dim mhud As HUD
        mhud.ToastMessageShow("Modifica andata a buon fine",False)
    End If
        Msgbox("Ho ho, qualcosa è andato storto...", "Message")
    End Try
End Sub


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EREL solved, the problem is as follows

map in debugging takes indexes as string (I thought they were labels that put aside) when actually fill not find these labels and then by mistake. this thing should be handled by the compiler in debug mode as well as in the compilation.
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