Android Question [SOLVED] iso-8859-1 and utf-8 problem


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Hello all :)

I have a program that is an HttpServer and I have this code:

Sub Server_HandleRequest (Request As ServletRequest, Response As ServletResponse)

        Log("Text: " & Request.GetParameter("testo"))

If the customer call mypage with: world
it works very well !!
also it works with world è !

but with this command:
don't works :(
%E8 is the char-code of char "è" (on ISO-8859-1) and I don't know how to manage it

On log it appeare:
Text: hello world ?!

I have also try to change ISO-8859-1 in utf-8:
    Dim var As String = Request.GetParameter("testo")
     Dim arrByte() As Byte
     arrByte = var.GetBytes("ISO-8859-1")
     Dim result As String  = BytesToString(arrByte, 0, arrByte.Length, "UTF8")
     Log("UTF8: " & result)

but the result is the same:
Text: hello world ?!
UTF8: hello world ?!

Help me please :eek: