iOS Question [solved] Issue with visual designer that freeze and buzz with DatePicker


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I was finally able to make a minimal design that show this funny problem I have when developing with an Iphone12.
In this video you see what happens when executing the designer script: the graphics is instable and all the designer is frozen not responsive until I terminate B4iBridge on the phone.
The problem is not present when using an older Iphone6.
The problem is not present if I comment the line "AutoScaleAll".
The problem is not present if I remove from the layout the DatePicker. It seems to me that the problem is only with this view.

I'm on Windows 11 but I tryied to install B4i on another Windows10 computer. Same problem.
I tryied to update NetFramework, but the site says mine is already updated.
I attach the layout, hope you can experiment the same issue.

Edit: there was probably some hidden corrupted part in the .bil file. I created a blank layout, then copy and paste all the view from the corrupted layout and now it's ok.


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