iOS Question [Solved] Was compiling to the Simulator?


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It worked 1 day, not the next.

From the B4i machines browser:
typing (the Build Server ip) shows the Build Server page with SSL Key info, H files, and A files.
typing shows "It works!".

Seems I'm connected but when I compile I get:
Sending data to remote compiler. Error
Communication error: SendFailure

I delete the files in Keys folder, create a New Sign Key and same thing happens.

I even tried '#ProvisionFile: B4i.keystore' in #Region Project Attributes.

I don't have a Config.txt file that I read about in a post but:
Can someone help solve this SendFailure issue?
What constants can I check for when compiling to the Simulator?

Win 7x64
B4i 5.00
Java 8

OSX High Sierra10.13.6
Java 8
Xcode 9.4.1
Build Server v9F2000
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Make sure to configure the server port under Tools - Build Server - Settings to 51042.
Thanks, was using 041, also I must have clicked Build 2 Bridge somewhere along the line.
I see good things coming from this B4i.
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