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My app requests data from a BLE device about every 500ms. I was seeing random delays to WriteComplete and DataAvailable - sometimes up to 5 seconds but more often up to a second. Sometimes the remote device would disconnect. Other times the response was ok.

Now i see something like 1ms delay to WriteComplete and never see long delays to DataAvailable (other than those caused by the remote device sending quite slowly).

The changes i made were:

Update the BLE firmware (i use an AdaFruit UART module).

Most important: move the tablet and target device away from sources of interference - especially PC's!
When i had the tablet and the remote device close to the PC (in easy reach for debugging) i had the above problems, when i moved the tablet a short distance away (30cm) and the remote device the other side of it (away from the PC) the problems stopped.

Hope this helps someone.


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We trend to forget that any radio based com is easily broken by EMI (electro-magnetic interference) from the most innocuous devices, like microwave ovens, old 2T motors, old AC motor based appliances, etc... And from a few years now, the "new" switching power supplies, that work on a few MHz, but still have some punchy GHz harmonics!
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