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Song Player allows you to upload music and lyrics for hear and simultaneously read the text. I made this program for improve my knowledge of foreign languages.

At first start the program ask for the name of the folder where store musics and lyrics, this folder is located in DirDefaultExternal/Android/data/condor.songplayer/files; initially is also stored a fragment of song sample: Free Software Song of Richard Stallman in mp3 version of free_software_song_sunnata.ogg, released under the GPL by the band Zweitgolf.
In the music folder the directory Texts contains the possibly associated lyrics.

The program has the minimum views for select and handle music; besides the button Handle allows to manage music files: erasing music or text from folder or copying music and text from another folder.
When copy music, if there is a text file in the same directory or subdirectory whose name is equal to that of music, this is also copied.

The program use formgen module for create some forms.

(attached a formgen manual)

John Rossati


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on my system your App generates Error on compiling

Setting CanInstallToExternalStorage attribute to False may solve this problem.