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I'm quite new working with Basic4ppc.
What i would like to find is a good sample program about working with Sqlite databases (i already have the sqlexample.sbp off the website, but i find that too limited in showing me what is possible) ..
What i would like to learn:
- what control can be used as interface to the db (only table ?)
- how should inserting, deleting, editing etc be handled ?

In short, can anyone hand me a good example for this ?

Thanks !!



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I've got a SQL App I might be able to post soonish, that I started when I was first getting to grips with Basic 4 ppc & SQLite, and covers a fair bit of what you ask, but I want to re-write it first (I've learnt quite a lot since I started :D).

Mostly basic 4 ppc runs things in the same way any sqlite thing would run it, so I'd recommend using a separate SQLite 'testing ground' to test SQLite commands before coding them into basic 4 ppc.

My usual system is - Make a database in SQLite Admin and run query's/commands there until I've worked out the syntax. Copy the working command to b4p, run it there to check it works, then finally work out the B4P code to make it change/work with my application/show results/etc. )

This means you know where the problem lies; SQLite or B4P which means you can solve things much faster, and should have less problems. Most things work the same in b4p as they do in SQLite so there's not much porting it just helps separate out the issues.

For displaying data you mostly use tables or Listviews, but you can send data to most controls. (Filippo has made an advanced listview library available in the Additional Libraries section, which is great for SQLite).

I'll see if I can finish my example app thing, but try fiddling around with it, it's much easier then it looks at first. (And if you get stuck, search/ask on the forums, someone always knows.)


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Thanks Erel and Hennell ..

@Hennell .. you should not rewrite it first, could you already send me what you have ? (my mail : peter.derycke @ scarlet.be)