Android Question SQLite, ExecNonQueryBatch with WaitFor; missing SQL_QueryComplete


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I have the following code snippet (in the Starter service):

2017-07-26 23_33_15.png

However, when I run it, I get an exception:

2017-07-26 23_32_45.png

As I see, "sql_querycomplete" is missing. It's odd since the executenonquerybatch tooltip suggest the "nonquefycomplete" (and makes sense). So, I try changing the code to the one missing:

2017-07-26 23_39_53.png

and now, when I run the app, I get an exception too:

2017-07-26 23_39_44.png

I'm kinda confused...

Thank you very much!


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Hi Erel, thank you for your answer.

I can't reproduce the error. I mean; I uncommented the section (which I've replaced with begintransaction and endtransaction) but now it's working fine (!?). I'll get back here if it happens again.

Thank you for your answer!