SQLite Update Problem


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Hi Erel,

I am having difficulty getting any sql updates to work.:sign0085:

Please see the following code:

Sub btnInsert_Click
' Temporary Code To Check Database Inserts or Updates (Depending On What has been commented out). This is only test code!

' Command.CommandText = "Insert Into LogNumber(Lognum, Descrip) Values('" & txtLogNum.Text &"', '" & txtLocation.Text & "')"

' Command.CommandText = "Insert Into LogNumber(Lognum, Descrip) Values( 'Test Number', 'Test Description' )"

Command.CommandText "Update LogNumber Set Descrip = 'New Description'"

End Sub

The lines that have been commented out work fine when they are compiled in.

That is I can insert records through variables or actual strings.

I cannot update successfully whether or not I use variables or strings or a "Where" condition.

It does work at the prompt with sqlite3 in a windows command window, so it is not a database issue?

Am I doing something wrong?

Also can you point me to code that tells me how to capture sql database exceptions and provide the appropriate error messages.

Thank you very much.