SQLite & Wasp Barcode Scanner


Licensed User
Hi Erel,

I have had your product for a number of months. Yesterday, I installed version 5.5.

I have a friend who would like me to do a quick project for him on a Wasp 3200 scanner.

The device runs Windows CE 5.0 (Core) with .Net 2.0.

I need to write an application to run on the device that will read a flat file transferred from the PC. The flat file will have "part number", "description", and "location number".

The hand held will be used to scan similar information as the user roams the warehouse. I would like the flat file to be loaded into SQLite on the hand held and the when the user scans the "part number", I want to display the description.

As the user works, I want to be scanning the current "part number" with its new "location" and put it into the database for later export to a flat file on the PC and upload into another 4GL database. The upload will be taken care of by the main program (not by Basic 4 PPC).

I just really need to know if this is workable, and quick and whether or not I can use Basic 4 PPC, rather than the suggested Visual Studio 2005 (which I also own). I would prefer to use your compiler, but I don't want to run into any dead ends. My schedule is too tight.

Thank you very much.


David Solomon
P.S. The Wasp 3200 does not have any API of its own. I assume the scan library will let me read the input. Is that so?

Thanks again...