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I want add more ads network on my app, because sometimes, unity ads, haven't reward video to show.

I have find this discusion
from @Douglas Farias where @hl88 have create a sample

I have add to additional library folder the last sdk for each ads network.
I have jellify it

Here the new SDK added:

the additional Jar are:
#AdditionalJar: StartAppInApp-4.9.1.androidx
#AdditionalJar: sdk-4.6.5.androidx.aar
#AdditionalJar: tappx-sdk-3.2.4.aar

Nothing to update on SDK manager

On manifest file I have just change min sdk from 14-29 to 21-30

But I have this error
Uncaught translation error: invalid opcode ba (invokedynamic requires --min-sdk-version >= 26)

I' m not able to desugar

How can I solve this?
and how to add rewards video???


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I have update to b4a 11.5 beta and now the app start.
I have config startapp and tappx.
Nothing happend when click on the ads button and banner doesn't show.
Maybe need a bit of time? test mode should be ON..

How to add video rewards ads?
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