Android Question StartServiceAt() quetion


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I made a project with B4A_3.82 + JDK_1.7 + API_19 about many years ago.

It runs normally in Android 4.4 devices.

But it runs abnormally in Android 5.0 or above devices.

StartServiceAt("", DateTime.Now + 1000, True)

It runs every 1000 ms in Android 4.4 devices , but it runs every 5000 ms to 7000 ms in Android 5.0 or above devices.

How should I resolve the problem ?


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I use StartServiceAtExact() and the condition is the same.
If the minium interval is 15 or 30 minutes, how do I count per second on Android 5 devices ?
Would you please give me e a easy example ?
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