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First of all, I want to thank Erel for both the incredibly prompt support and all round good-guy-ness as well as everyone else who seem to spend a huge amount of their free time helping others to further their B4A exploits. All of the forums answers, tutorials and little code tid-bits are invaluable.

Moving on, I made this pretty crude app that allows you to post a status to Facebook pretending to be using a different device (i.e instead of "via Facebook for Android" you can have "via The Starship Enterprise")

I did it mostly as a learning experience for myself. I reckon it paid off pretty well. The app works and I think I now have a fairly good knowledge of the fundamentals of B4A.

In terms of what it actually does:
  • Reads and writes to permanent storage
  • Automatically updates using my own website
  • Utilises WebViews to do most of the work
  • Programmatically create layout to give the best compatibility
  • Inserts an AdMob ad
What I would have liked to have done:
  • Actually use the Facebook API rather than hashy WebView workarounds
Anyway, it's on the market if you want to have a look

I've also uploaded the source just in case it's of any use to anyone


Main Screen:

End Result:


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Seems nicely done.
Isn't there a way to add your own 'device name'.
I also wonder how you achieved it.

If you did it on server end, you can send a string post method from the app with the name of 'the device' (e.g. Banana Smartphone) to your listening PHP server and give it your own name.
Edit: Also sending your own picture to use would be possible with POST if you work on server's end

Nice work!