Android Question Stopping the Starter Service


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I've been using the updated FusedLocationProvider with GoogleMaps tutorial as posted yesterday, and I've modified it nicely to do some stuff, but I am unclear as to how to stop the Starter Service. I've read around the forum about the Starter service being the main entry point to one's code.

I added a Close button which closes the Activity and tries to Stop the service, but it seems to continue merrily along in the back ground when the main activity is closed.

How do I kill everything when I quit the program using Activity.Finish in the only Activity in my program?

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I hope there's a way to stop it. If you look at the app details of an app with a starter service that you already closed and is in the background for a long time it will be listed as Always running (100%) which many users will not like, even though it does not consume power and cpu.
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