Android Question Strange force close after updating the program

Hello good time,

I had a program, I am updating it now (with the same signature, by moving the version up and summarizing all the necessary actions)

But when the user clicks on the new version of the Apk file to update and click the install button, after the installation is complete, without opening the program, the system sends a message saying that the program has stopped. This means that we must first confirm this message and then click the (Done / Open) button.

It should be noted that after this, when I open the program, it works perfectly. Also, if the user does not have the previous version and installs this version, such a problem will not occur !!

This happens both on the emulator and on all real devices !!

This problem also occurs with the installation of other applications, ie if the user installs another application, the installation process of the Android P system is completed.
My app has failed while the user has installed another app altogether

What should I do? Please help.


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Is your app using Broadcast Receiver to be notified when it's updated? If so, is the broadcast receiver trying to perform an action on an uninitialized object maybe? Certainly a stack trace would help track down the error.

- Colin.
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