Android Question String to Array/List?


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Using HttpUtils2 I send the following:

job5.Download2(DLUrl, Array As String("id", id, "Name", name))

The return job.GetString is in the following form:

[{"id":6800,"name":"NREP Event","sponsorName":"Chainbridge Technologies","startDate":"2012-00-28 00:02","endDate":"2012-00-23 00:04"},{"id":19000,"name":"Training/Testing","sponsorName":"Chesapeake Nuclear","startDate":"2013-00-31 00:01","endDate":null},{"id":0,"name":"Respond to Emergency","sponsorName":"RadResponder","startDate":"2014-30-30 08:10","endDate":null}]


How can I extract this output to an array or list so I can work with the data?


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that's JSON, do a search for it and you'll get examples on how to parse it.
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