B4R Question String/variable handling guide


I would be so thankful if someone could demonstrate some variable/string handling. I'm having problems understanding the documentation when there are no actual examples there. For example:
  • Reading a single (or multiple) byte(s) from a byte array, using it in an If- or Select-statement.
  • Converting between types correctly.
  • When you need to use rRandomAccessFile and so on.
  • Binary comparison om single or multiple bytes in an array, string, numeric variable and stuff like that.
I tried to use the rRf24 library to communicate between a few Arduinos, but I keep messing up the string handling/conversions.

Simple examples covering other stuff, such as operators, Core functions etc would also be great. Since the footprint of B4R is a bit on the heavy side I prefer using less conversions etc when I can.

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I'll post my current project in the forum and ask for help. I can't seem to grasp how to properly convert between different types of variables, no matter how much I try. It just doesn't make sense to me.
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