iOS Tutorial Symbolicating a crash report

Discussion in 'iOS Tutorials' started by Erel, Jul 19, 2016.

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    I will cover the steps required to symbolicate a crash report received from Apple.
    The result is a readable stack trace.

    It requires a local Mac.

    The crash report is a text file that looks like:


    1. Find the binary address:


    2. Unzip the (the one used when uploading the app) and find the file. The application file is under: <app name>.dSYM\Contents\Resources\DWARF

    Note that you can also take the application file from inside the ipa file. The difference between the two is small (whether Objective C line numbers will appear or not).

    3. Create a text file with the stack trace addresses from Thread-0. The ones relevant to your code should start with the app name (Logo Ali in this case). The addresses are selected:


    Tip: If you are using Notepad++ then you can block select by holding the alt key.

    The text file content is:
    4. Copy the text file to the Mac.

    On the Mac we have a folder with two files, the application file and the text file.

    5. Open the terminal and run:
    xcrun atos -o MyApp -arch arm64 -l <binary address> -f 1.txt


    As we can see the error happened in: Main.Timer_Im_Tick -> Busca1.Monta_FrmBusca -> Busca1.Monta_Busca_Indicaco -> Funcoes.AddMap
    And internally it happened when an object with an unknown type was converted to a number.

    If you still have the generated source code of the compiled app (or if you didn't change the B4i code) then you can open b4i_funcoes.m file and see the exact error line (71).
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  2. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    after arm64 it looks like -1 but is a lower case "L" (thats why i could not get it working :confused:)
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