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I'm actually doing a software with B4A, using TabHost... And a problem appears, I can't have more than two tabs on my phone, when I try to add 3tabs in B4A software and build it to phone, the button to startactivity which contain tab doesn't work anymore. When I add 2 tabs it works. When I add 4 tabs the button work and switch me to the other module but there are only 2 tabs on the tabHost =D !

I'll put a bit of my code here maybe it will help :(

The page with the button :
Sub btn_manip_Click
End Sub
The page with tabHost :
Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)

    TabHost1.AddTab("Explications", "noSET1")
    TabHost1.AddTab("Exemples", "noSET2")
    TabHost1.AddTab("Exemple", "noSET3")  
End Sub
I'm sorry for my bad english, hope you understood what I meant, not my first language.

Thanks for the advice :/ I tried many things and nothing worked.