Android Question [tabhost extra] tab header width


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I have question about tab header width.
I have to write app with 7-8 tabs but on small screens like 800x480(1.5) only first five tabs are visible(even in landscape mode - which I use as predefined).
Very strange fact is that on some devices with the same resolution(800x480 - 1.5) but different screen size(inch") there are visible only 4 - on another - 5.. But still next three not visisble.. :(
There is any library wchich allow me scroll tabs to see them all?
I want to use short names for tabs but I see that their width not depend from name - they have fixed size.
There is a way how to solve it and fix sizes for all of them?(pls see picture below)
Also I have problem with setting font/background color on tab header - because default settings(fro tabhost extra) not always looks good on different screens. On some of them fonts have similar color like tab header background.
Thank you for your help!