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Alberto Iglesias

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Anyone knows how to put the tablecell and tableview transparent?

Only for appears the customitens in tablecell.

in the CreateItem I try put in panel p.color= colors.transparent and p.alpha but the customitens inside the panel going transparent too.
Private Sub CreateItem As Panel
    Dim p As Panel
    p.Width = 100%x
    p.Height = tv.RowHeight - 20dip
    p.Color = Colors.ARGB(0,50,50,50)
    'p.Alpha = 0.3
    Return p
End Sub
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Alberto Iglesias

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I tried first then listview, but not working, look:

Sub CreateListItem(Imagem As String, Codigo As String, Descricao As String, Width As Int, Height As Int) As Panel

    Dim p As Panel : p.Initialize("") : p.Color = Colors.transparent
    Dim imgIcone As ImageView : imgIcone.Initialize("imgIcone") : imgIcone.Bitmap = LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, Imagem)
    p.AddView(imgIcone, 5dip, 2dip, 48dip, 48dip)

    Dim lblDetail As Label : lblDetail.Initialize("lblDetail"): lblDetail.TextAlignment = lblDetail.ALIGNMENT_LEFT : lblDetail.Text = Descricao : lblDetail.Font =              Font.CreateNew(12) : lblDetail.TextColor = Colors.Red  
    lblDetail.Multiline = True
    lblDetail.AdjustFontSizeToFit = True
    p.AddView(lblDetail,  60dip, 5dip, 280dip, 23dip)

    Dim lblCodigo As Label : lblCodigo.Initialize("lblCodigo"): lblCodigo.TextAlignment = lblCodigo.ALIGNMENT_LEFT : lblCodigo.Text = Codigo : lblCodigo.Font =   Font.CreateNew(12) : lblCodigo.TextColor = Colors.Blue  
    p.AddView(lblCodigo,  60dip, 20dip, 280dip, 40dip)
    Dim imgBadge As ImageView : imgBadge.Initialize("imgBadge")
     p.AddView(imgBadge, 320dip, 25dip, 24dip, 24dip)

    Return p
End Sub