Android Question TabStrip vs (AHViewPager, AHViewPagerFixedTabs, AHPageContainer)

Robert Valentino

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I currently use AHViewPager, AHViewPagerFixedTabs and AHPageContainer for my tabbing pages and was considering converting to TabStrip

Having one (I believe) simple problem

In AHPageContainer if I want a two line Tab all I have to do is
mContainer.AddPage(ClassPanel, "Line 1" &CRLF "Line2")

If I try this in TabStrip
TabStrip1.LoadLayout("Page2", "THIS IS" &CRLF &"PAGE 2")    '  Modifies from Erel's example

It just discards the CRLF and puts out the text as 1 line

Is there anyway to get a two line tab