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so, here is Mi Dica. it's a combination of erel's voice recognition example plus my groundbreaking work on MLKit using b4a as a driver. speak in your device's default language (or change it to something else if you like), have it translated into some language spoken by a person you want to talk to, and have the device speak your utterance in their language.
flip a switch, and that person can speak to you in their language, and you hear it in yours. what could be simpler?

here are a couple screen captures, and there is a short video on youtube
there seems to be a problem recording audio from both the microphone and the device's speakers at the same time. there is a setting that's supposed to allow that, but i couldn't get it to work. so you'll have to image that someone was actually speaking into the microphone. you'll see what was said, but you can only hear audio from the device's speaker.


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You could make it a little simpler... ;)

Maybe add a feature that uses the tilt sensor in the phone (screen orientation change event) to detect if the screen is tilted to face you and automatically switch to "I speak, you listen" and display all labels in your selected language, then when you tilt the app to the user, the screen rotates 180 degrees and changes all the text on the screen to their language (so they can read the screen) and switches to "You talk, I listen".


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thanks for taking the time to look and to comment.
no incidental automatic. incidental automatic bad. once
users see app controls them, they start looking for the turn off
feature. with every google app update, i have to go through
all the settings and make sure they didn't sneak all the
automatic crap back on.:mad: