Android Question Targeting Android 2.1 Error


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i'm developing a app, but I have seen that some people still use Android 2.1 and I want that the app works on that version. I have downloaded API 8 and it won't compile, because AdMob uses "configchanges" in the Android Manifest, that API 8 not support.
Then I have used API 13 (where "configchanges" have been implemented) and when I start the app, it gives a error like this:
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: android.view.Display.getRotation
and crashes (the emulator running 2.1). I don't have found a way to "Try-Catch" this error, because it doesn't exist in my code :s

If someone could help, it would be great! ;)


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I think it must be one of the used librarys

Maybe you need to post more from the (unfiltered)log to find out which lib
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