Android Question TaskButton as a menu is possible ?

Jairo Lizotti

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Good Morning,

Today I had an idea of using the task button in my application, as the menu is a task killer, I want to disable this function and leave it as a menu.
Like the older versions of android.

I tried debugging the events but it did not happen much besides being forced to go to the activity_resume.
I tried to find something about this in the forum, but I did not get anything Is this possible with b4a? maybe with a library?

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Semen Matusovskiy

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What do you name 'task button' ? 'Home' button, which is placed between Back and Overview buttons ?

If so ...
1) 'Home' button does not kill an application. You can restore it using Overview button
2) Android users expect standard behaviour. Means, do nothing with Home and Overview buttons. They are 'property' of OS.
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2b) You can not change the behaviour. This is how android works.

If you need to use a Menu in your app then use the Menu in your Activity!
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