1. R

    iOS Question Task in Background stop the application.

    Hi, please. Could you help. I.ve been looking the problem and 1 or 2minutes after application in background, the application break. In the log, I can see that message. Can't end BackgroundTask: no background task exists with identifier 1027 (0x403), or it may have already been ended. Break in...
  2. DonManfred

    Android Tutorial [B4X] Working with GoogleTasks using REST

    GoogleTasks are a Task list (ToDo List, Shopping List, whateveryouwant list) In this small Tutorial i want to share my findings while i played around with GoogleTasks. In fact i´m not finished playing with it ;-) Based on @Erel answer that it most probably work in B4J and B4i too i added [B4X]...
  3. Dave O

    Android Question sending emails silently/automatically?

    Hi all, I'm designing a "note to self" app that lets you record a voice note and email it as a voice attachment, preferably without invoking the UI for the email app. To send using the user's GMail, there's the GMail REST API...
  4. J

    Android Question TaskButton as a menu is possible ?

    Good Morning, Today I had an idea of using the task button in my application, as the menu is a task killer, I want to disable this function and leave it as a menu. Like the older versions of android. I tried debugging the events but it did not happen much besides being forced to go to the...