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Dear All


I had come across the code of Douglas Farias, text on image. I liked this code.
Just updated it, added a Label to move over the image to get the location to draw the text,
using canvas....
Used Rect...
I have also found
emexes code Post#2 helpful.

I have also used the ready code of FileExplorer v2.1 that was available (I like this code too).
Am not able to have multiple line text, and the canvas draws the text a bit above the label that is positioned.

Can you help?



Solved the problem. It working close to expected.

Thanks to Klaus documentation on B4X XUI.

Erels code, to set TypeFace.

lot of thanks to Douglas Farias, text on image code.

Now Someone can add a EditText to this and corners so that it can be maxi or mini as in PhotoEditor. Also the feature to move and drag it.


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