B4J Question TextArea - how to get Caret(Cursor) position in a SelectionChanged event

Discussion in 'B4J Questions' started by moster67, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. moster67

    moster67 Expert Licensed User

    I am using a TextArea in a project and I would like to show the current position of the caret/cursor when moving around in the text area with the arrow keys on the keyboard. I would also like to get the position when I click in the TextArea using the mouse.

    I think to do this, I need to get the caretPosition exposed and also the necessary events to use for tracking the position.

    Basically, I want to show the current caret position in a label like this: Pos 2/3500 where 3500 is TextArea.text.length.
  2. moster67

    moster67 Expert Licensed User

    Ok, it is possible using a timer and getting the value from "txtArea.SelectionStart".
    I would have thought that there would be a more "proper" way to get it since using the timer feels more like a hack to me....
  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Better way:
        Dim jo As JavaObject = TextArea1
    Dim event As Object = jo.CreateEventFromUI("javafx.beans.value.ChangeListener""SelectionChanged"Null)
    End Sub

    Sub SelectionChanged_Event (MethodName As String, Args() As Object) As Object
    If MethodName = "changed" Then
    Dim IndexRange As JavaObject = Args(2)
    Dim StartPosition As Int = IndexRange.RunMethod("getStart"Null)
    Dim EndPosition As Int = IndexRange.RunMethod("getEnd"Null)
    Log($"${StartPosition} -> ${EndPosition}"$)
    End If
    Return Null   
    End Sub
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  4. moster67

    moster67 Expert Licensed User

    Very nice and indeed much better!
    Thanks for your usual premium support.
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