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Yvon Steinthal

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I have chosen a textview in order for the user to put comments related to a certain part of the app.
The problem im having is that im taking that textview and pushing it on a canvas to print as pdf.

It works well, only if the person presses "Enter" to do the carriage return. I would see something such as:

Bla..." in the textview AND in the pdf.

If the person doesn't press the "Enter" i am screwed, the textview sees the text as a single line and not multiple line, therefore there is no "Chr(13)" or carriage return at the end of the line...

In the textview i would see:

"blablablablablablablabla <- end of textview width

In my pdf i would see the string without any type of carriage return...
Something like that:


In other words, even though the textview shows a carriage return because of the textview width, it is not written in said txtview.text

Any libraries, classes or trick im missing here?



Yvon Steinthal

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Is it possible to catch an event due to the word wrapping. What i mean is, is it possible to catch the event of the fake carriage return... that way i could manually add a chr(13)...
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