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Memetflix Stickers and sounds 948K Downloads in Huawei AppGallery and 4.5M in Google Play

Sorry for the big screen capture, im at phone.
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Name: Shia Toolkit
Downloads: 500K +

Screenshot_2022-08-30 Shia Toolkit - Apps on Google Play(1).png

This is some Muslim's religious app. I was impressed with UI, bunch of modules and no. of users.

Note: I'm NOT author. I'm just a user. I got to know this wonderful app uses wonderful b4a, as author forgot to rename package name i.e anywheresoftware.b4a.SIAToolKit.
Or may be because of lack of experience.


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Draw from a paper bag (Sorteio no Saco)

More than 1 million downloads.
This app is a bit clunky, but it gets the job done.
It was built to learn how to use B4A, circa 2015. Despite looking simple, the implementation required some hard work.
Anyway, people are downloading and using it. Recently updated to targetSdkVersion=33.

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