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Pls dont ask me why i make this app :)
I will start a marathon of useless applications

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Three video ads in the first 30 seconds!!!!! C'mon man, that's way too much!!!! Why not just have an add banner at the bottom of the screen and then have a fullscreen ap every two minutes, and one when the user closes the app.

You want people to leave the app on their phone and show it to their friends if they think it's funny, there's no way any one will do that if the ads are popping up every ten seconds.

You might see a lot of installs, but every person will un-install it within two minutes, just like I just did.

Sorry for ranting, I normally try to be constructive in giving feedback, but this was just stupid.

I understand you want to make money from ads in your apps, but if it interferes with the user trying to use the app itself then you're making it so no-one will use any of your apps.


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I dont think douglas care about active users.

What he tries to do is create simple apps and get lots of installs. And from every install (+app start) he tries to show as much ads as possible to get few clicks. The user will uninstall it anyway so at least get some clicks from that user.

If 100k installs will make 50k clicks that means about 25k $ income. ;)

Douglas Farias

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I understand your opinion.
I unfortunately started creating useless applications with many ads to make money.
Unfortunately, people download useless applications.
Often you lose hours and days in an application that you believe very good, and can just a few downloads.
Now with useless applications you have downloads and still make money with it.
And incredible as it seems these applications are doing a good $

I changed my opinion on applications.
useless applications, sometimes developed in 5 minutes may have more downloads and generate more $

I have knowledge to make good applications.
but I develop applications to make $ and not to receive some good reviews only.

thank you for your opinion.
Maybe when I get back to make serious applications I do not put so many ads.