Share My Creation THime - LED Display Time, Temperature, Humidity

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    The goal of this Make Project THime is a LEGO ® module to display in a 4-Bit LED display, the time or temperature & humidity. Control of the display via Infrared. Powered by an Arduino UNO.

    See here for details. Download B4R source.
    Additional libraries used: rLEDControl v1.0, rTM1637 v1.2 - included in the source.

    ... How fun it is to make simple modules coded with B4R ...

    The LEGO case with the 4-Bit LED Digital Tube Module, IR receiver (right small window), DHT22 sensor (on the right side) and the IR Remote Control (Buttons used are 1-9, -, +).


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    Hi rwblinn,
    Nice project, I think I will do the same.
    With a bit of Lego it's a good idea, I'm sure our little kids will love it :)
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