iOS Question This build is using a beta version of Xcode (Error via TestFlight)


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We have uploaded a few builds of our App on TestFlight recently without issue, in fact the last upload was a couple of days ago.

B4i Version: V4.40
Using Hosted Mac Builder
Using a Local MacBook with Application Loader to upload the .ipa file

The .ipa file we uploaded a couple of days ago was accepted for use by iTunes Connect Users as well as Public TestFlight Users without issue.

Upload another build today however and it was accepted for iTunes Connect Users but when submitting it for review so Public TestFlight Users can use it, we receive the following error within iTunes Connect:

"Sorry, Something went wrong.

This build is using a beta version of Xcode and can't be submitted. Make sure you're using the latest version of Xcode or the latest seed release found in the TestFlight release notes"

I'm trying to work out if this is a local issue, but it refers to Xcode, which I believe is running on the Hosted Builder so out of our control.

Does anyone here have an idea of what needs to be looked at to solve the issue.

Regards Carl


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Thanks for the reply Erel

I ran an update on the MacBook Air this morning (not sure exactly what it updated, but it was a small update), and the same .ipa that was uploaded on Friday not goes through ok without error and is Waiting for Review in the Public TestFlight Group.
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