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Hi all,
My app uses Navigation bar and Tool bar.
What I need to do is change color attributes on both.
I managed to do it for Navigation bar but I can't get it work on Tool bar.
I tried all proposed solutions I found in Forum but no matter what I do, toolbar stays white and items blue so I came to conclusion that I obviously do something wrong.
Here is the code of a page where I have toolbar visible

Sub Process_Globals
    Private pg As Page
    Public clickValue As String
    Public clickIndex As String

    Private ashMonths As ActionSheet
    Private lblSveciTest As Label
    Private clvKalendar As CustomListView
End Sub

Public Sub Show
'    If pg.IsInitialized = False Then
'    End If

    Main.NavControl.NavigationBarVisible = True
    Main.NavControl.ToolBarVisible = True
    pg.Title = "Katolički kalendar"

  Dim nobj As NativeObject = Main.tbc
   nobj.GetField("tabBar").SetField("tintColor", nobj.ColorToUIColor(Colors.Red)) 'active item
   nobj.GetField("tabBar").SetField("barTintColor", nobj.ColorToUIColor(Colors.Green)) 'bar color   

    ashMonths.Initialize("ashMonths", "", "Cancel", "", Array As String("Siječanj", "Veljača", "Ožujak", "Travanj", "Svibanj", "Lipanj", "Srpanj", "Kolovoz", "Rujan", "Listopad", "Studeni", "Prosinac"))

    Dim bbtBack As BarButton
    bbtBack.InitializeSystem(bbtBack.ITEM_REPLY, "back")
    bbtBack.TintColor = Colors.White
    pg.TopLeftButtons = Array(bbtBack)

    Dim bbtBCK, bbtFWD, bbtMjesec, bbtFlex1, bbtFlex2 As BarButton
    ' Initialize the buttons
    bbtFlex1.InitializeSystem(bbtFlex1.ITEM_FLEXIBLE_SPACE, "")
    bbtFlex2.InitializeSystem(bbtFlex2.ITEM_FLEXIBLE_SPACE, "")
    bbtBCK.InitializeBitmap(LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "backward2b.png"), "BCK")
    bbtFWD.InitializeBitmap(LoadBitmap(File.DirAssets, "forward2b.png"), "FWD")
    bbtMjesec.InitializeText("", "bbtMjesec")
    bbtMjesec.SetFont(Font.CreateNew2("Arial-BoldItalicMT", 17))
    bbtMjesec.TintColor = Colors.Red
    ' Add the buttons onto Page pg
    pg.ToolbarButtons.AddAll(Array As Object(bbtBCK, bbtFlex1, bbtMjesec, bbtFlex2, bbtFWD))
pg.TabBarItem.SetFont(Font.DEFAULT_ITALIC) ' tried to change font style for test but not working


clvKalendar.JumpToItem(DateTime.GetDayOfMonth(DateTime.Now)-1) 'jump to current day of month

End Sub

So, my main question is what I am doing wrong and how can I fix it?


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