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In 2020 I created an app to train knowledge of topography. In the main screen we see some 20 maps and a flag-quiz as well.
The training is done at three levels. At each level we see 12 question marks on the map and a list of names that are asked one after another.
After finishing a series of 12 questions, we hear a short piece of mad music. (In ATLAS11 you can exchange the music by music of your own.)
The app is in two versions: ATLAS9 and ATLAS11.
ATLAS9 is aimed to test: does the app behave correctly on my tablet or phone? ATLAS9 is for free in the Google Play Store. (The app is meant for testing and the language is only in Dutch)
ATLAS11 has a lot more capabilities. Any user can add new information on any topographical name in the register. It is even possible to make a map of your own city and insert it in ATLAS11. The app has a setup section to adjust the text-size and save some more preferences. Most important is that the app can communicate in 5 languages: Dutch / French / German / English / Frisian.
The program creates a save directory and the user can put additional files (pictures connected to cities from the register / newly created maps or your own music) in that directory. (ATLAS11 is in the Google Play Store at a price of 1,79 euro)

The main problem during programming, was to overcome the different sizes of all kinds of tablets and smartphones.
Also the problem with text-sizes was quite a challenge, but in ATLAS11 (latest version 12 june 2022) I built the possibility to make the text-size smaller or larger from within the app.

If anyone of you has something to make a comment, feel free to react................


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