Android Question Transparent proxy via B4A

Lee Gillie CCP

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My previous thread, which asked about implementing transparent proxy in B4A, is too old to reply to. But to continue the conversation...

Serialization would be a separate subject.

This explains perhaps better than I:

Transparent proxy is supported via Java, as is my most native languages of VB and C# with .NET. Interfaces, inheritance, and polymorphism, generics and activator concepts are building blocks of transparent proxy. I think my approach will be to generate B4A classes which hide the mechanics of proxy and serialization. I envision a .NET application running on Windows to use Reflection on known layer modules (in a DLL) which contain the contract interface. As contract interfaces evolve over the life a a project I can then REGEN the proxied class code, and will of course need to avoid making code changes in B4A of the generated code so that I can replace source code modules with freshly generated code. I have an approach in mind. Similar to transparent proxy, this should significantly reduce the labor to create and maintain Android cloud clients, over hand crafted B4A code. Thanks for the input. - Lee