Share My Creation Trivia Whip - Custom Trivia Game

Hi all,

Looking for feedback on a Trivia Game that I created using B4i and on the app store now.

It's a trivia game with about 15,000 questions that allows you to select which categories you want to play.

Uses Apple's Game Center for the leaderboard and achievements (thanks to Erel for the help with hooking that up)

There's a coin system that allows you to buy different buffs and cosmetic items along with a leveling system.

This is my first big app using B4i, and really excited to see what's in store & thankful for a helpful community here.

Feel free to leave constructive feedback here if you have any or if you have any questions on how I did something feel free. Thanks!

If you feel like leaving me a review on the store too, that would be amazing!

App Store Link: