Wish Trobergs big wishlist, part 10. Debugger

Discussion in 'Bugs & wishlist' started by Troberg, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Troberg

    Troberg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    10. Debugger

    * When you look at the properties of a view, you see a shitload of properties, but usually not the ones you actually use in code. Could the "internal" properties be hidden away in a sub level of the tree, and could all the "external" ones be shown with their usual names?
    * An easy way to filter log to only show the entries coming from my Log() (and LogColor(), of course) statements in code, and hide everything else. I usually only resort to Log() in two cases, to see the order of events and to debug really complex code. When I debug really complex code, I want it to be as clean as possible, with only my stuff in the log. Occasionally (though, not yet, in B4A), I've had to resort to writing programs to analyse log output to check complex calculations, and then I really don't want unexpected entries.

    This was the last part. Don't get me wrong, I love B4A, I just want to help to make it even better.

    Sorry if I misunderstood something and posted wishes that are already implemented. In that case, take it as a confirmation that I approve.

    Also, sorry for spamming! :)
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  2. TheJinJ

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    Nice lists :) I guess it's just a matter of priorities for Erel with adding new features etc.
    One nice idea that RUBE has is a poll of possible new features to be added, members vote and the highest votes is implemented next version. May be a good way to get the less urgent features implemented over time....
  3. Troberg

    Troberg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Well, polls may be good, but only as guidance, not as control. As developer, one has a certain feeling for what's easy and hard to do, what fits in the scope of the product and which order things are best done in, so Erel should always have the final word. That said, it could be useful as input for him to know what people really want.
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  4. TheJinJ

    TheJinJ Active Member Licensed User

    The idea would be Erel list say 10 possible non urgent features for next version, winner is implemented. This would be an 'added extra' for the next release along with what he has planned, he could list only the achievable in the time scale....
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